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Beauty and the best and the Manila Times College of Subic are two sides of the same coin. The Manila Times College of Subic is values based. If offers K-12 curriculum that stands head and shoulders with the Philippines' best, if not the region's. It follows the Montessori pedagogy of "individualized instruction" where each student progresses according to his level of competence and where no child is left behind.

Its curriculum is innovative and unique. Its approach to student development is holistic, combining academics with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the individual.

Its academic and other programs are designed to prepare the students physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually to confront and conquer the challenges that await them in their later years.

The Manila Times College of Subic provides its students the skills, emotions and knowledge that are necessary for them to become leaders of men or successful entrepreneurs or highly respected captains of industry.

The Manila Times College of Subic has competent, highly skilled and student-friendly faculty.  Ah, but that's only half the story. The Manila times College of Subic has a beautiful campus where the individual becomes one with nature. Where the mountain breeze caresses your face and relaxes your tired mind and body. Where the air you breathe cleanses your spirit. And where the ambiance touches your heart

Already, its sports facilities include the Archery Academy, School for Horsemanship, and physical fitness gym complete with sauna for his and hers.

In a few words, The Manila Times College of Subic is where good characters are shaped and where "minds" are made.

The Manila Times College of Subic! Raising the bar of excellence in education!






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